Bike Repairs at T & M Bike Shop


If your gears are loose or your spokes bent, it just means you’ve been getting the most out of your bike. Bike repairs are some of the most basic and necessary services that a bicyclist might need. The key is to find a repair service that can do a good job and that doesn’t charge a fortune.


Lots of people try to do bike repairs on their own, but the bicycle is more complicated than it might appear. Parts like brakes and gears need to be very precise, or else they simply won’t function as intended. This is why so many people take their bikes to expert repair services.



In addition to selling bicycles, a bicycle shop will often offer repair services. The skilled crews at such stores will know exactly how to fix bicycles, and will do so promptly and effectively.



If any of your bicycle parts need some tender loving care, take your rig over to T & M Bike Shop in Davis, CA.



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